About Us

Dototot is the creative collaboration of brothers Jared and Jay Nielsen. Growing up in rural Utah proved to be a serendipitous opportunity for us. With few neighbors and structured activities, we filled our time making puppets and short videos with our father’s camcorder. Before the Internet, we learned things the old-fashioned way: through trial-and-error and visits to the library. We taught ourselves the skills necessary to create our own media. ┬áNow our goal is to inspire and empower learners to produce professional media with free and open source software.

Our Team


Jared Nielsen

Jared writes scripts and tutorials, as well as draws and animates both the digital and the analog.

Jay Nielsen

While deeply involved in the digital realm with programming, video editing, and graphic design, Jay is most passionate about the analog. He is happiest with a thought provoking book in one hand and a craft cocktail in the other. He also enjoys puzzling adventure games, cycling, and homemade goods. His fondness for the analog extends to his work in animation, puppetry, and practical effects.

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