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Surreal Web Series Makes Computer Science Education Fun

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  • By Jared Nielsen

Computer Science Education Week ( is December 7-13th, 2015. To mark the occasion, the co-founders of Dototot are launching a new series of educational and entertaining videos covering the basics of computer science. The ten episodes follow Unique ID, the highly intelligent robot host of ​The Hello World Program, on surreal and humorous adventures exploring topics ranging from binary to artificial intelligence. The new videos incorporate a wide array of media, from traditional hand-drawn animation and stopmotion to Arduino-powered robots and 3D computer graphics. The first episode, “What is Computer Science?” is now available on YouTube:​

Making Computer Science Accessible and Entertaining

The Hello World Program ​is a series of videos and tutorials combining technology and art to teach computer science. The show’s title is a play on the first program a beginner will often write, telling the computer to print the phrase “Hello, World!” The new episodes are the product of a successful crowdfunding campaign and draw upon classic and pop culture references to illustrate the abstract concepts of computer science. For example, the forthcoming episode “Powers of 2” features an otherworldly visit from Daft Punk-inspired robots in search of funky beats, while “What’s Inside My Computer?” is a pastiche of ​Alice in Wonderland ​exploring the inner depths of a computer.

The Hello World Program is the creative collaboration of brothers Jared and JR Nielsen. As they developed The Hello World Program, they sought to integrate the hands-on crafts they learned as youth, stitching together analog and digital media. Their goal is to make the fundamentals of computer science accessible and entertaining to kids of all ages. According to the brothers, “The Hello World Program is the show we wish we watched as kids.”

For more Hello World Program videos and tutorials, visit:

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