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Learn computer science, programming, and web development with your educational super friends.

Hands-On Computer Science

From the early mechanical work of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, the field of computer science has expanded to include a diversity of subjects from hardware, software, robots, artificial intelligence, graphics, networks, and more. With our 10 amazing videos, you will learn to think like a computer and approach complex problems with a new perspective. Master the tools and technology that are shaping the future.

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Superusers: The Legendary GNU/Linux Show

Become a superuser! Master the commands and structure of the fastest-growing computer operating system, Linux. Join super friends Adelie the penguin and Aramis the gnu on surreal adventures saving files in the file tree. Learn the essential commands you need to take greater control of your computer including help, cd, pwd, ls, mkdir, rmdir, cp, mv, rm, cat, and man.

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Daisy's Web Development Diary: Learn HTML

Conquering dragons, exploring the depths of the ocean, and advising robots about dating are just a few of the many adventures in Daisy's Web Development Diary. This video series explores the foundational web language, HTML. Learn how to build a game board with the table element, create forms for ordering sandwiches, link to exotic locations, and more. Begin your web programming journey today!

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The Nielsen Brothers' Byting Python Coming Soon

Program or be programmed? That is the question. There are numerous, excellent sources that will teach you how to code following tried and true methods. This isn't one of them. The Nielsen Brothers' Byting Python puts the FUN in functions. (If you don't get that joke, you will soon.) Take a byte of Python and quickly learn to think like a computer with 10 humorous, surreal lessons inspired by Monty Python.

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