Write a Twitter Bot with Python Tweepy to Follow New Followers

Write a Twitter Bot with Python Tweepy to Follow New Followers

It’s hard being popular: everyone wants to follow you on Twitter but you don’t have time to follow them back. You could get an assistant or you could automate! In this tutorial, you will write a Twitter Bot with Python using the excellent Tweepy library to automatically follow new followers.

First, start a new application at http://dev.twitter.com

After that, create a file, keys.py, and add the following:

Enter your keys and tokens from Twitter. Then create another file, follow.py, and add the following:

Run this script from the command line:

Your shell should return a list of the user names you are following as you follow them.

As you will see, Tweepy does all of the heavy lifting in this script. We first import tweepy and our keys, then hook into the Twitter api. The for loop is the meat and potatoes of our bot. And it’s essentially 2 lines of code! Cursor is a tweepy object that handles pagination, which is how Twitter manages the endless stream of status updates. If you want to limit how many followers you iterate over, pass a value to the  .items()  function.

Next up? How to unfollow those  who don’t follow you back. Stay tuned!

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  • Justin Greenough

    This doesn’t perform as advertised. No new followers are followed, only the names of those who are already following are displayed. What am I not seeing.

  • Justin Greenough

    The script induces following of all those who are already following. I understand. The text was a bit vague. I would like to follow random tweeters automatically. How could this be done?

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